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Dinny Nolan Tjampitjinpa

Born: ca 1922

Area: Papunya

Language Group: Warlpiri

dinny nolan_portraitDinny is a survivor of the Coniston Massacre. In 1928 Between 60-100 aboriginal men, women and children were killed in revenge for the murder of a Dingo Hunter, Frederick Brooks. Dinny's place of birth is West of Mt Allan, close to present-day Yuendumu. Dinny spent many years working as a stockman across the Territory before arriving in Papunya in the mid 70's. As a senior custodian for the Warlpiri people, he is recognised as a leader of Rainmaking and Water Dreaming ceremonies. He oversees other corroborees and paints the bodies of those taking part in the ceremonies and he is renowned for his hefty singing voice. Dinny is a highly respected elder of the Anmatjera and Warlpiri group.

As a cousin to Clifford Possum, Billy Stockman and Kaapa, his transition to the Papunya painting group was smooth. In 1977 as part of the Papunya Artists he travelled to exhibitions of his work in various galleries in Melbourne, Victoria. One of his designs has been constructed and is used in stained glass in one of the windows at the National Gallery of Victoria

In 1981 on travelling to Sydney with Paddy Carrol he constructed the first sand painting ever seen outside of Central Australia. His work and his manner has left a strong and indelible impression on Paddy Carrol. Dinny has travelled extensively throughout the U.S.A. He has attended various American indigenous conferences and exhibitions as a guest of the American native tribes people. He has shared his culture with them in many forms. Dinny has works exhibited in many Galleries, Museums and collections throughout the world. Dinny Nolan has painted for the Aboriginal Desert Art Gallery (Michael Hollow) since 1989.

The Dreamings he paints include Water, Willy Willy, Pelican, Bush Turkey, Emu, Goanna and Bushfire.

Available paintings

Tingari Dreaming