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Louise Numina Napananka

Born: 1976
Area: Wilora Ti Tree, Central Desert, Utopia

Language Group: Anmatyerre, Kaytete and Alawayerre

Louise is one of six sisters and three brothers. She attended Primary School
at Stirling Station and later went to Yiriara College in Alice Springs.
When she returned to Stirling Station she worked with the Community
Development Program.

She started painting in 1981 after being taught by
her Aunties Gloria and Kathleen Petyerre, well known Aboriginal artists.
Louise moved to Darwin in 1995. She's studied at Nungalinya College and
has a Diploma of Fine Arts from the Northern Territory University.
Louise’s work has been exhibited in Darwin and Sydney.
Her artwork is purchased from art lovers, collectors and institutions worldwide.

Available paintings

Kurrajong Bush Medicine Leaves