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Barney Ellaga

Barney Ellaga

Born: ca 1939

Area: Minyerri, Alawa, Northern Territory

Language Group: Alawa

Barney's father was an Alawa man and his mother was a Ngalakan speaker from Arnhem Land. Barney comes from Mamballi country to the south of the Roper River Region and lives at Hodgson Downs or Miniyerri, an outstation near Ngukurr. Like all other artists in that region, Ellaga paints his mother's country, which centres around the waterways and billabongs of the Cox River. His primary dreaming is "sugarbag" or native bees that travel across the country. It is his particular depiction of "sugarbag" that make his paintings unique.

Available paintings

Alawa Country Mamballi Country Sugar Bag Country Sugar Bag Country