Bush Plums Dreaming - Gracie Morton Pwerle
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Name:Bush Plums Dreaming
Author:Gracie Morton Pwerle
Medium: acrylic on linen
Size: 63x63 cm
Price: EUR 700

The Bush Plum is a highly nutritious small fruit with black seeds, rich in vitamin C, that can be eaten raw or cooked. Growing in a great profusion of flower and fruit throughout the winter months, the women, accompanied by the children collect the Bush Plums, while at the same time reconfirming their connection to the land.

The flourish of colour that distinguishes the Bush Plum after the fall of rain, is quickly transformed with the long hot summer months. Dried and separated, the seed and husk are scatter over the vast sunbaked landscape by the hot summer winds.

Bush Plums Dreaming - Gracie Morton Pwerle