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Gracie Morton Pwerle

Born: ca 1956
Area: Utopia, Eastern Desert
Language Group: Alyawarre

Gracie began her career as an batik artist in the 1970's with the Utopia Women's Batik Group before transferring her designs onto canvas in the late 1980's. In her works one can readily see the great strength and dynamism of the Utopian women artists that continues across the generations. Gracie's delicate dotting and colour variation uses an aerial perspective to portray the seasonal changes of the Amwekety - the Bush Plum, a plant of great significance to the women of Gracie's traditional country, Mosquito Bore. She is one of the senior traditional custodian for both the Bush plum Dreaming and the vast expanse of related country Mosquito Bore, some 263kms north of Alice Springs. In accordance to traditional law the responsibility for the Bush Plum Dreaming has been passed down to Gracie from her father and her aunt, who are responsible for ensuring that she perseveres its traditions.

The finesse of Gracie's style creates a wonderful lyricism in her works causing a three-dimensionality that pulls at the eye guiding the viewer through the soft, outward-reaching fields of colour, while simultaneously transfixing one in its undulations. Gracie's works are represented in major private collections such as The Robert Holmes a Court Collection in Western Australia. She exhibits regularly in Australia, more recently in a solo show titled 'Mosquito Bore - The Art of the Minimalist' at Ancient Earth Indigenous Art Gallery in Cairns and in a group exhibition at the Alliance Francaise de Canberra and French Embassy in Canberra.

Available paintings

Bush Plum Dreaming Bush Plums Dreaming Bush Plums Dreaming