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Jacinta Numina Waugh

Area: Ti Tree, Utopia, Central Desert

Language Group: Anmatyerre and Kaytete

Jacinta is one of six sisters and three brothers. She went to primary school at Ti Tree near Tennant Creek. She studied art at Nungalinga College in Darwin. She was taught to paint by her Aunties Gloria and Kathleen Petyerre, well known Aboriginal fine artists. Jacinta currently teaches at Charles Darwin University.

Jacinta´s paintings and their motives were chosen by the fashion designer Peter Morrissey. Morrissey decided to reproduce Jacinta´s Woman Dreaming, a traditional design of the Anmatyerre people north of Alice Springs in his winter 2000 collection. He also used her design on garments he was commissioned to design for the Oceania section of the Arrivals segment for the Opening Ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games

And for summer 2001… Morrissey restyled the Numina print in three new colourways: hot pink, bright green and deep brown:-)

Available paintings

Women´s Ceremonial Body Paint