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Aileen Mbitjana

Born: 1940
Area: Utopia, Central Australia

Language Group: Anmatyerre

Aileen is the eldest of six children. Her mother is the famous Utopian painter Minnie Pwerle and her father Motorcar Jim Ngala, also an artist (both deceased).

As a young woman Aileen worked on the Utopia Station for Dora McCloud doing laundry work, "by hand, no machine at that time".

She still has very fond memories of her younger days in Utopia, especially when Angelina Pula would take her and the other young people out hunting with their dogs.

They would catch all types of goannas and kangaroos, collecting bush banana, bush tomato and wild potato. Maggie Puly, her mother's sister, had a reputation for being a good hunter, taught Aileen how to hunt for
porcupine and dig for honey ants.

When Aileen married she moved to Lake Nash with her husband. They have three daughters, Chrystaleen, Andrea and Vivianne. In the early 1970's Aileen was involved with the batik program on Utopia Homestead, then in the 1980s started working with acrylic paint on canvas.

The majority of her designs in her paintings relate to the Bush Plum Story from her fathers country Ahalpere.

Available paintings