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Selina Numina Kamprina

Selina Numina Kamprina

Born: 1971
Area: Stirling Station, Utopia, Central Desert

Language Group: Anmatyerre, Kaytetye and Alywarre

Selina is one of six sisters and three brothers. She went to the primary school at Stirling Station (a cattle station near Tennant Creek). Later she went to Kormilda College in Darwin.

Although Selina´s sister learned painting from their Aunties Gloria and Kathleen Petyerre (both well known Aboriginal artists) during their childhood, Selina only started painting in 2006.

Selina is married with one child. Selina predominately still lives at Stirling but visits Darwin often to see her sisters and family.

Available paintings

Bush Fire Women´s Meeting - Selina Numina Kamprina