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Nellie Marks Nakamarra

Nellie Marks Nakamarra

Born: 1976

Area: Papunya, Kintore, Western Desert

Language Group: Pintupi

Nellie is the younger sister of Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra, the renowned Aboriginal artist and the stepdaughter of Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula, one of the founders of the Desert Art Movement. They both taught her how to paint. Because she was born in Papunya and growned up in the Western Desert she has also been influenced by Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Old Mick Nakamarri, Uta Uta, Pinta Pinta to name a few of the greatest artists of the Kintore – Papunya region.

Though she has always been in the shadow of her older sister Nellie has over the period gradually developed painting skills and her own style. Recently she has emerged to prominence as one of the next generation of artists to be known, and is already sought after by collectors worldwied. Since 1994 she has been painting for reckognized Australian galleries such as for Michael Hollow Aboriginal Desert Art Gallery in Sydney and Melbourne.

Her paintings depicts the Dreamings of her family, her father's and her grandfather's country (Turkey Creek) which lies to the east of Kintore in the Northern Territory.Her main subjects are Lightning Dreaming, Women's Stories and Women's Tingari. 

Nelli is a respected member of her people and follows a traditional lifestyle. Nelli is very confident and proud when speaking of her traditional ways. She paints with harmony and this is manifested by a seemingly effortless skill and an apparently natural sense of peace and charm; qualities which reflect her persona and acclaim the spirit of her people.

Nellie resides primarily in Kintore with her family but makes quite often travels to the regions of Tjukulla and Kiwikurra.