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Welcome :)

We are an Art Gallery focusing on paintings made by Australian Aborigines.

We take the honor to introduce you one of the most specific and interesting quality fine art of the present. Although tradition of art made by Aboriginal people in Australia can be traced back some fifty thousand years, it was not before a recent movement in Australian society together with newly used materials, that emerged some thirty ears ago, has brought it to the eyes of public (at the end:-). Unfortunately, it still remains mostly unknown to the European art lovers.

Even though Aboriginal Art does not fit into generally reckognized categorization of art according to relevant time periods, particular styles, influences of schools and modern trends, and can hardly be described by relevant art terms, it definitelly can be labeled as fresh, striking, imaginative and yet traditional. Art produced by Aboriginal people from the Down Under, especially their paintings (the famous dot painting, in particular), represents original and independent stream in contemporary art, and thus might also be called the last art wave of the 20th century.

Artworks made by Australian Aborigines are not only pleasure to one´s eye but represent also very interesting investment opportunity. The Aboriginal Art Auctions organized by famous auction houses as Christies, Sothebys, and Lawson & Menzies regularly twice a year surely indicate an increasing attractivity of modern Aboriginal art.

The paintings that we offer in our gallery range from artworks of big investment value created by the so called Australian Masters to the pieces painted by yet unknown rising stars among their ascendants and upholders of the great tradition. All the items in our gallery come directly from galleries that are owned or supplied by Aboriginal artists and their associations, or from authors themselves.

However, there is no need for long introduction as good art always speaks for itself and the only way to understand the art is to follow your heart.

We admit that we simply felt in love with contemporary Aboriginal Paintings the first time we saw them and we would like to let you know about their existence and availability. It is our hope that you will like them as much as we do.

Ondřej Martina